Bale Kulturnik

Label: Etnofon
Year of release: 2006
Item number: ERCD090
Length: 66:10
Genre: jazz
Construction: plastic

Etnofon published the new album of the group Bale Kulturnik featuring the Israeli sax player Daniel Zamir. The term Bale Kulturnik (Yiddish) means if one returns to his culture and transmits it others.

"The Music of NIGUN is professional, ., it isn't ethno- or world music, one can't range it neither to klezmer jazz, which has formed in the near past. NIGUN kneads the original tunes and is so with a strong factor of our improvised music life."
Péter Szigeti, Gramofon Magazine

András Párniczky – guitar
Kirstóf Bacsó – alto and soprano sax
József Barcza Horváth – double bass
István Baló – drums
Daniel Zamir – soprano sax

1. Poem 26
2. Wallenstein’s Niggun

3. Ma Omrot Einaich
4. Odessa Bulgarish

5. Kavanna Nigun
6. Kovmah Freilach
7. Quando El Rey Nomrod

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CD's price: 14.00 USD