Ágoston Béla, Frank London


Label: Etnofon

Year of release: 2009

Item number: ER-CD 098

Length: 75:43

Genre: etnojazz

Construction: digipack

It is a long-long CD, which is worth listening to. A folk song from former Upper Hungary, verses of Sándor Weöres and Attila József (recitated by Tilo Werner) are built upon each other - and built in each other as well, enhancing their inherent affinity. Or the New-Year greeting Moldovan traditional recitation, the gipsy folk song and that of Gyimes, intertwined with the hora of Klezmer devotion performed on trumpet by the great Frank London with a kind of vitality that comes from sorrow and suffering, despite everything, beyond everything and ”still” : in the same way as the songs from former Upper Hungary and Gyimes, and the Moldovan gipsy recitative song have talked to us. Yes, recitative song, even where only music is played, music of Béla Ágoston, which talks to you, involves you and tells you something... Listen to it. It says how kabbala can bring luck (wealth, happiness and life), and why Gyimes – why this (Eastern European) exposure and country fair (an exact shot of the fields of soul).

Tamás Vekerdy

1. SPINNING WHEEL (Béla Ágoston)

2. SECRET LOVE (Béla Ágoston /trad.)

3. STAIRWAY (Béla Ágoston)

4. METROPOLIS SHAMAN SONG II. (Béla Ágoston– Sándor Weöres, Attila József)

5. URÁLÁS (Béla Ágoston /trad.)

6. BALKÁNKÁN (Béla Ágoston /trad.–Karaván Família, István Nagy)


7. ASCENSION (Béla Ágoston)

8. GOING HOME (Béla Ágoston /trad.)

9. (FAITH HORA) (Frank London)

10. BANK OF THE DANUBE (Béla Ágoston /trad.)


12. EASTERN EXPOSURE (Béla Ágoston /trad.)

CD's price: 15.50 USD