Ferenc Kiss

The maiden danced to death

ER-CD 106 – After reaping success at film festivals around the world, Endre Hules’ film „THE MAIDEN DANCED TO DEATH” has finally opened in Hungary. Vilmos Zsigmond was Director of Photography, while the music was written by a mythical figure in Hungarian world music: Ferenc Kiss (Vízöntő, Kolinda, Etnofon).
Etnofon Records announces a CD of music from the film, presented here according to the artistic process of the work - rather than the sequence of events in the film. Kiss, working together with and inspired by the music of Szilvia Bognár, Béla Ágoston, Balázs Szokolay „Dongó” and other fine musicians, has created a new poetic instrumental process.

1. Prologue
2. Arrival

3. Rehearsal Hall

4. Night
5. Duet
6. The Deal
7. Montreal
8. Studies
9. Under the Bridge
10. In the Pub
11. Grieve
12. Roots
13. Waking
14. Mari's Dance

15. Success!
16. Consolation
17. Devil's Dance

18. The Girl's Farewell

19. Ramble

20. Passion
21. The Ball
22. Barbarians

23. Ballad

Total Time 69:50

Distributed by Hangvető Kft.

CD's price: 3700 HUF