Ferenc Kiss

Outlaws Of The City

Label: Etnofon

Year of release: 1999

Item number: ER-CD 020

Length: 74:50

Genre: world music

Construction: digipack


The Outlaws of the City is a thematic album. In the songs, lyrics and performance Ferenc Kiss used a lot form what he have learnt in the past 25 years about folk cultures, and the way we can use them today.


Lázár Zsigmond - violin, synthesizer

Huszár Mihály - bass guitar, double bass, accordion

Ágoston Béla - saxophones, clarinets

Babos Károly, Jakabffy Balázs - etchnic percussion

Balogh Kálmán - cimbalom

Gombai Tamás - violin

D. Tóth Sándor - kontra-viola

Kiss Ferenc – voice, guitar, violin, koboz, harmonica

Kürtösi Zsolt - double bass

Hasur János - violin

Szabó Zoltán - bagpipe, ocarina, tambura

Szokolay Balázs - saxophones

Kovács Ferenc - trumpet

Mazura János - tuba

Bolya Dániel - romanian kaval

Berán Vera - cello

Akusz Éva, Juhász Katalin, Novák Péter, Rémi Tünde, Prókai Annamária, Palya Bea - voice

1. The dream of the outlaw

2. The wanderer's song from Brassau to Bruxelles

3. Ady's verbunk

4. The march of the lumps

5. The lament of Kicsi Ferkó

6. Knife and grave tango

7. Radnóti's diary

8. Four lines by Pilinszky

9. Prayer for the Hungarian prisoners of war

10. The deers of Bartók

11. Those good old days

12. A bujdosó átka / The curse of the outlaw

13. Song of life and Death

14. Appendix

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