Gázsa Band

The Őrkő Gypsies From Transylvania

Label: Etnofon

Year of release: 2008

Item number: EDR-CD 093

Length: 51:58

Genre: gypsy music

Construction: digipack

"The Gypsies were on their way the ball

But none of them had the right clothes..."

Well, this fall the Őrkő Gypsies really were on their way, but they weren't going to a ball, as in the song. They Were on their way to the Etnofon Recording Studio in Budapest to record a bit of their special knowledge and talent - a few pieces from their scintillating singing tradition. It was a big adventure for them and the first time they had stood in front of a microphone to sing their grandparents' songs, documenting them for posterity and for their grandchildren to listen to someday.

Gázsa Band:

István Papp "Gázsa" – violin, voice

Péter Árendás – viola, voice

Róbert Liber – double bass

Erika Demeter – voice, bufa

István Pál "Szalonna" – violin

Zoltán Bobár "Boby" – accordion

Attila Csávás – saxophone

Tibor Jánó – voice, yells, oral bass

Péter Makó – tarogato

Orza Calin – voice, oral bass, yells

Ágnes Mocsel – voice, bufa, rhythmic yells

Lajos Mocsel – voice, bufa, yells, oral bass

Antal Mocsel – voice, bufa, oral bass, shouts, dance slapping

Piroska Mocsel – voice, bufa, yells

Jenő Dima – accordion, oral bass

1. Two Őrkő Dance Tunes - Budapest Style

2. In Front Of The Pub In St. George - Nusi's Lament

3. Jenő The Accordionist

4. Gázsa And Szalonna

5. Erika's Tunes

6. Béni Clan's Bufa

7-9. The Őrkő Dance Cycle

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