GOMBAI Tamás and his Band


Label: Etnofon

Year of release: 2005

Item number: ER-CD 081

Length: 50:35

Genre: folk music

Construction: plastic

"...Everyone became pretty festive; we left for the barn and started to play music. The dance began, we played one old csárdás after another; the company was hopping around, flitting skirts, flashing boots. Later, the cheerful dances followed; this time the older dancers stood up to "jag the air".

Even when the dance stopped, people did not let us rest; they gathered around us, and asked for the old songs. From the abundance of unique tunes and ornaments it was often quite a task to trace the basic melody; somehow we still managed the accompaniment.

When singing, I saw the pearl of genuine admiration in their eyes. After we put down the instruments, they did not quit asking, where did we get these songs - most of which had worn out even from their memories - from.

They were puzzled: how could they hear what had been over... but it hasn't and we hope it will not be over, 'until the candle is lit'..."

Tamás Gombai

Tamás Gombai – violin

Attila Erdei – three stringed viola

Gergő Szabó Csobán – bull-fiddle

Ágnes Herczku – voice

Milán Hetényi – voice

1. Nyitány

2. "Húzzad Csipás!"

3. Lakodalmi menet

4. Öreges

5. Ballada

6. Hajnali, csárdás és szapora

7. Román ritka és sebes

8. "Amikor a pásztor elvesztette a juhait"

CD's price: 14.00 USD